I am Ann De Greef a certified Life Coach and passionate about change and self-empowerment.

I am a firm believer that deep down we all know exactly what we want and what is best for us. The way to get there however, may not always be that clear. So, sometimes some outside help on our journey would be more than welcome.

As a single mum of 2 daughters I know what I am talking about. At some stages in our life, a “neutral” sounding board or intellectual sparring partner can make such a difference. Someone playing “the devil’s advocate” who gives you the opportunity to formulate your ideas more clearly and supports you to act in accordance.

As a former CEO of a production company the skill that was most useful to me, apart from my strategic thinking and human interest, was the ability to balance my professional life and my private life.

I know how to support and motivate you to get you where you want to be. I also know how to hold you accountable.

I can help you on your path to success.