I worked with Ann de Greef between 2015 and 2016 at the Brussels office of BEDA – The Bureau of European Design Associations. At the time I was appointed as a Project Manager of an EU funded project and Ann de Greef was the Administrator of the network. The characteristics of our positions made necessary a close and coordinated collaboration between us. Thus, we were able of successfully implement a large number of activities within the frame of the European project, such as organising internal meetings and public events, membership development, and networking and communication activities. On top on that, Ann also effectively assisted me with the administrative and financial management of the project.

Working with Ann de Greef was certainly a rewarding personal and professional experience. She shared with me her deep knowledge and vast experience in the field, providing me with valuable insights about the organisation and the design sector. Moreover, she owns an innate capacity to identify and capture the essential from a flow of information, allowing her to connect concepts and to deliver useful suggestions.

Moreover, her working ethic was an inspirational and valuable model. Ann de Greef represented a mentoring figure that helped me to develop my professional skills in a challenging position. Stress-managing tips and how to focus on high value goals are examples of the valuable lessons learned. I also appreciated enormously her curiosity, her determination to keep learning, and her ability to exchange ideas as peers in a respectful ambiance.

I strongly recommend Ann de Greef as a life and professional couch. Her skills and vast experience will provide a valuable catalyser to anybody looking for a sustainable improvement in their future professional  and personal endeavours.

Mario Lopez Oliva

Project Manager, BEDA

 Ann has the ability to calm the most turbulent mind down. She is incredibly down to earth and wise. Nothing you say can shock her. She has the most open mind and is completely unjudgemental. She seems to have total understanding of the mind and will go on any journey with you. She makes you feel grounded and strong and capable of anything.
She is a well of knowledge and understanding. You really feel she knows. And does.
Ann is an incredible person and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to take on your path with you. She will make you shine.
Sura Dohnke


Ann is a wise life guide.

She combines a powerful intelligence with a strong intuïtion. When you work with Ann, she will give you the best you can get.

Because she will give you YOU.

She will always be your support when you are facing difficulties, and she will be your sharpest critic when things seem to get ‘too easy’.

Having a strong insight in human psychology, built on her career as CEO and human resources manager, she will flawlessly find your strengths as well as your fears and weaknesses. She will help you to understand and overcome them and to find and reinforce your strengths.

Her past as a successful business woman, brought her a strong insight in company dynamics.

What is especially of interests to her is how to combine our professional with our private live and keep our focus.

Ann will be your guide in searching your own specific path.

She will be at your side when you have to make difficult choices, or when you don’t know which voice you have to listen to. She will always bring you to your inner self, to the person you are destined to be. She will help you to develop your personal growth, combined with reaching your maximal potential.

Ann is not the mellow kind, although she is very comprehending. Ann can be sharp as a knife, but only because she knows it’s the best for you. She does not like to waste time, so she won’t beat around the bush. Her style is warm but explicitly firm.

She will understand you very quickly, and she will soon find the core of your obstacles.

She will tell you that the answer lies inside yourself, and she will help finding your own specific answer.

Ann doesn’t work with schemes or menues, Ann works ‘à la carte’. According to Ann, everyone deserves his/her own approach.

I am a professional TV, film and theatre actress since 1996 and Ann has been my manager and coach for the last 15 years. She has always been my support on a business level, constantly judging my market value and getting out the best for me.

But more important, she always gave me the best advice concerning my career choices. She was my guide in making choices about picking the right projects, working with the right people, how to handle the press, how to keep a right balance between work and family…

It didn’t only give me the right feeling about who I wanted to be in my professional (and private) life, it had as a result that I actually became the person I wanted to be, both in my professional and private life.

Based on the things I learned from Ann, I keep evolving, changing, listening to my inner voice.

Ann learned me how to be my best self.

Knowing yourself is the best present you can get in life.

That’s why Ann will always have my deepest gratitude.

Kristine Van Pellicom